Guides For Malaysia E-commerce Enterpreneurs In Selling Online Internationally

Guides For Malaysia E-commerce Enterpreneurs In Selling Online Internationally

However, extending your online business internationally is not only about putting the countries flags on your website and translating your website to other languages, it is more than what you think it is. The next paragraph will be discussing on the tip to reduce cost if you would like your online business going global.

The first step to go global is to focus on the English language market. Before going any further in selling online internationally, you need to ensure that you are doing thing that you are familiar for example having your online store up for those countries that their main language is English. The reason on focusing to English language countries before going any further is to eliminate language barriers in terms of customer support and translations. Other than this, it is also the best way to test your market and perfect the process of transactions before you decide to put your online store up to be purchased by customers around the globe. When you are trying to attract your international potential customers, you need to make them feel like at home. You need to understand their needs and preferences to make them feel comfortable when they are visiting your online store. In this case, you need to give them experience to purchase from your online store like they are purchasing with local online store. In order to make them feel welcome to your online store, you need to put some effort in updating your website. You may need to show their countries flags in the website to let them know that your online store does cater their countries. You are also need to ensure that the price list for your products is in their local currency. Any products and promotions that are not offers to the local market need to be removed to avoid any confusion. You may also need to convert any sizes or voltages to the local standard measurement. The most important things if you wish to extend your online store internationally, you may need to extend your customer service and support to the local employees. All these need to be done to make your international customers feel like they are at home.

You also need to simplify the purchasing process for your international customers. As the owner of the online store, you need to be alert that in selling online internationally, customers need to bare a few other costs such as the shipping cost, landing fees and taxes. It is always best for you to give them a better experience in doing shopping on your online store as some customers are very concern about the complexity of the purchasing processes. You need to mention every detail about the shipping, return, taxes and any other necessary information in a straightforward way. Any other policies in purchasing the products need to be stated clearly in your website. You also need to provide “worry-free” shipping to your international customers to avoid any difficulties and frustration. It is good to provide your customers with the shipping tracking number so that they can keep track of their products and when the expect date of delivery. You may not be able to provide your customers with the free shipping, but, you may include the shipping fees in your products price so that it looks like you are providing free shipping to them and in fact, it is much simpler to your customers.

As mentioned earlier, when you fell like selling online internationally, you need to understand your customer’s expectation, needs and preferences. This is because, you need to make them feel like at home especially when they are dealing with customer service. Your potential customers need an assurance that your business is exist and trustworthy enough although it is miles away. You must responsive in replying emails inquiries and ensure that you will include the customer service contact number in the emails. Instead of replying emails which inquire the same questions all over again, the best solution is to put the question in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section tab. You may also offer the self-service and online support to your customers to enhance their satisfaction towards your service. As for the payment method, you may wants to consider PayPal as your international payment partner. PayPal has known as one of the trusted payment method whereby merchants who are using PayPal service can sell to up to 190 countries with 24 currencies. Other than PayPal is a big name as a payment partner, it is also offers you will hassle free service without you need to open multiple merchant account internationally.

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