How To Attract Traffic To Own Branded E-commerce Website

How To Attract Traffic To Own Branded E-commerce Website

Online business are now become trend to those who love shopping. Other than giving a lot more conveniences, the price is also cheaper compare to the same products offer in the physical stores. Nowadays, more sellers are creating their own branded e-commerce website in parallel with the current trend whereby everybody is connecting to the Internet nearly 24 hours a day. However, it is not that easy to sell and introduce the products over the Internet. This is because, the products cannot be seen physically like the normal stores. The owner of the e-commerce websites also need to ensure that their e-commerce websites is in the top list in search engine so that it is known among Internet shoppers.

Having an e-commerce website is not a token for sellers to lie back without doing nothing. The e-commerce websites owner needs to make their website become more attractive and safe enough so that buyers will have no doubt when buying the products. When the world is moving towards the virtual shopping, a lot of small medium enterprise has move from having a physical store or office to virtual store and office to advertise and providing their products and services. This is because they believe that by utilizing the technologies will give them more profit and advantages since they do not have to put a budget on physical store and offices.
According to McKinsey & Company report in July 2012, there are more than 1.5 million people around the globe who has the social networking account such as Facebook, Twitter and the latest in Instagram. For e-commerce website owner, it is strongly recommended to create a social networking account to make those who online aware on the existence of their e-commerce website. This is because people nowadays are more active online especially when they owned smart devices. It cannot be denied that most of the popular online selling website in Malaysia mostly has a social network account pages where it can be linked to their online selling website.

As buyers, they love to receive freebies and special deals. Buyers might end up spending more when there are freebies and discounts. Some online websites will offer free shipping if buyers purchase more than certain amount. In Malaysia, the most popular trend is giving free shipping to those who spend more in the particular website.

The most important thing for online selling website is mouth to mouth words. People tend to spread the good and even bad news if they think they are very satisfy or not satisfy with the products and services. It is important for e-commerce website owner to get a good testimonials about the products and services so that it boost others impression towards their products and services. Buyers and end users tend to listen to others talk when they would like to try new things. As a website owner, we need to understand that even though the world is now changing towards online, yet there are people out there who are still feel inconvenience in doing transaction via the Internet. So, as an online entrepreneur, the most important thing is to develop and gain trust among buyers. They might have an option of using the secure server (https ://) or operate their website using the trusted security seal.

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