How To Build Your Own Estore In Malaysia

How To Build Your Own Estore In Malaysia

E-commerce is a booming trade with more and more vendors choosing to expand their business by selling online. The demand is great and a strong shift in online consumerism has been noted. In August 2012 it was reported that sales of digital books on Amazon has surpassed that of print books. That goes to show the power of doing business online. The Internet is very welcoming to fledgling business people and it is now very easy to build your own estore.

The first step is to set up your website. There are many blogs that offer set ups for free such as Blogspot and WordPress. You simply have to pick a name for your website and it will be created. However, all respected Internet gurus will tell you that it is better to purchase your own domain and get it hosted. This is because it makes your business appear official and legitimate. Thus customers will be more likely to make purchases from you.

Once you have your domain purchased and hosted, it is time for you to add content to your website, which will be your estore. Add content to your pages, including sections such as “About Us”, “Location”, and “Blog”. Most importantly, organize your products clearly in categories relating to their different specifications. For example, if you are selling flowers, categories could include “Valentine’s Day”, “Convocation”, “Condolences” and so forth. In each category, add a picture, description and price.

The next step is to include a shopping cart system. In Malaysia, many people opt to use iPay88 to set up the rest of their store. iPay88 is a Malaysian online payment service and aids online stores to accept different online payment options from credit cards to local bank transfers.

For Malaysian vendors, it is highly recommended to use iPay88 as they are a well-established local company that is efficient and trust-worthy. Although there are many sites that offer similar services, you will find that communicating with a site in the US can be frustrating due to the time difference. A problem that may only take a 5 minute phone call to solve may end up taking a week of back and forth emails with an American site. With a local shopping cart system, problems can be fixed and questions can be answered immediately.

A key component to a good shopping cart system is an easy check-out for your customers to make their purchase. The preferred transaction in Malaysia is through Paypal. This is because people are able to send money without giving out personal banking information and details. It is the safest method of payment for both the customer and the merchant.
In conclusion, the way to build your estore is to first pick a domain name. Purchase that name and get it hosted. Then, add content to your website. Once that is complete, sign up with a local payment website such as iPay88 to get your online shopping cart set up for you. And there you have it! With these simple steps, anyone, including you, can build an estore and be a successful e-commerce merchant.

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