The Importance of Online Shopping Cart Systems in E-Commerce

The Importance of Online Shopping Cart Systems in E-Commerce

One of the most important aspects of setting up your online business is including an online shopping cart. Naturally, it is imperative that your customers have an easy check-out system in which to make purchases.

An online shopping cart system uses e-commerce software that allows users of your website to select items for purchase. This software allows online customers to accumulate a list of items to later purchase. Meaning, they can browse through a website for as long as they want, consistently adding items to their ‘shopping cart’, more popularly known as ‘add to cart’. Once they checkout, the software will calculate the total order, including shipping and handling, plus taxes, and customers can make their payment.

There are two main components within a shopping cart system. The first is the storefront. This is your website or blog that promotes your goods and services. Visitors will access this online shop and search through categories, products and pages you have organized. The software will generate the item they want based on the information you save in the store’s online database. The second component is the administration. This is the back-end part of your store and is run by you, the merchant. With the online shopping cart system you will have be able to manage feature changes and edit products, categories, shipping, payment settings and so forth.

In Malaysia, most online shoppers prefer to use Paypal to make payments and as such, it is recommended to e-commerce vendors to offer Paypal payment services.

Paypal is used globally, which means that anyone around the world can make purchases of your products or services. You do not need to focus solely on a local market with little returns; instead your revenue will be massive, due to international traffic.

With Paypal, payments and money transfers are made through the Internet. Fees depend on the currency, the amount sent as well as the country of the sender and recipient.

The preferred online payment system in Malaysia is through Paypal. The reason for this is because people no longer need to share their personal financial information to send and receive money. Paypal offers transactions through bank accounts and credit cards globally.

Your online business will continue to grow as long as you include a good shopping cart system. The beauty of e-commerce is that you will be able to not only sell tangible goods such as clothes, bags or even ink cartridges, but also digital goods. Digital goods include ebooks, 30-day plans and so forth. The best aspect of selling digital goods is that you do not need physical storage space, inventory or the hassle of dealing with suppliers and shipping. However, it is still imperative that you obtain an online shopping cart system. When a customer is browsing your website, they will want an easy way to create a checklist of the goods they want. Then they simply check out and make their purchase.

A shopping cart can be used for regular merchant websites, but even more exciting now, is the fact that they also integrate with blogs as well as social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This means that selling online has never been easier and that you can make huge profits in business at a global level.

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