Tips To Add Fresh Content To E-commerce Website For Malaysia Online Enterprenuers

Tips To Add Fresh Content To E-commerce Website For Malaysia Online Enterprenuers

Tips To Add Fresh Content To E-commerce Website

The beauty of having the online store compare to the physical store is you are having a chance to update information and descriptions of your products frequently. In having the e-commerce website, you need to make sure that all information and contents is updated every now and then. This is because, the search engine tend to visits your website regularly if there are new fresh contents updated. It is a lot easier to submit your website URL to the top three search engines once the content of your e-commerce website has been updated. Other than this, search engine will be more attracted to your website if the content is unique as it will not be detected as duplicate site. However, as the owner of the e-commerce website, you should know the exact information that need to be updated to boost the visits to your website as well as lure the search engine and potential customers. The e-commerce website owner needs to keep in mind that customer are the most unfaithful subject as they may not return back to your online store once they get a better experience with other e-commerce website.

The first information that needs to be revised and updated for your e-commerce website is the products description itself. Every customer would like to know what their money worth for. Therefore, it is very crucial for the e-commerce website owner to give their customers clear descriptions on the products so that it will draw their interest in purchasing your products. Owner need to consider updating a unique and fresh content so that customers able to differentiate and make a wise decision in buying the products. Sometimes, your products might be similar to other online store, but the unique descriptions of the product itself make the customers come to a decision to purchase the product from the most unique online store. Owners also need to be alert that the idea of copying the products description from other sites is not only make them left behind in term of getting visits from the search engine, but it is also lost of customers. If you go through the good e-commerce website, they will provide their customers with the product guides. These product guides may include the how- to guides or the alternatives or similar products that they offer for their customers. These guides will helps user on how to use the products as well as help them to decide which products best for them.

Besides having a fresh content on you e-commerce website, you may need to provide your customers with other information such as about us and contact us. These two information need to included in your e-commerce website so that your customers knows about your products and your online store. It is also very important to provide your details such as emails, phone number or your online store social media pages so that they get in touch with you if they have any further question that relates to your products. This is also to boost the customers confident towards you and your products. Since these are the essential information, you need to ensure that it is always updated and you need to keep posting your latest contact details.

It is also good to add a fresh content on your e-commerce website such as the “Why Buy from Us” tab. The common e-commerce website may not be aware that this tiny information will give a big impact to the customers. You need to let your customers know why it is always best to purchase products from you instead of others. Other than that, you are trying to gain your customers trust by telling them in a passive way that your product is always better compare to your competitors. Other information that needs to be included is the guarantee on any concerns that the customers possibly have about purchasing your products. The reason of having this information in your online store is to make your customers feel at ease when doing transactions using your online store.
The “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) page is a common page that will be included in your e-commerce website. Even though this page is a common page, you need to keep on updating it with a fresh content as sometimes there are always few information is missing. This is also to save your time from answering the same question from your customers all over again. You may also update your e-commerce website with the customer’s testimonials as well as the resources and links. This is to direct your customers to other related pages which will give them more details and guides in using your products. Testimonials and comments are also very useful as it is the experiences from customers about your products when they are using it.

Other unique way to add fresh content to your e-commerce website is by having a focus theme for each page. Search engine will easily detect the page if it is stick to a particular theme instead of having a tedious page with bunch of information. It is always better to have a sub-theme for each page so that it will be easier for customers to find information and products they wanted to purchase. In addition to this, you also need to include link from one page to the next page for those customers who interested to read more on the topics. To lure the search engine as well as the customers, you need to incorporate keywords that related to your products. In order to attract your customers, you may need to place the keywords at the beginning of the text and the title. Hence, in order to boost your sale, you need to be bold enough in updating and providing fresh content on your e-commerce website.

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