What is B2B e-Commerce ?

What is B2B e-Commerce ?

The new frontier for most business man is on the World Wide Web. It comes as no surprise since the market size of online users is growing beyond leaps and bounds. Following close behind this trend is the many merchandisers and businessman who have quickly and wisely set up their own e-stores to be ready for this great market size of consumers.

The same goes for Malaysia as well. The market trend in Malaysia for online commerce is fast growing with more and more retailers’ setting up their merchandise online. There are many types of e-commerce. Here, we will discuss one type of e-commerce; the B2B e-commerce. The exchange of goods, any type of service or product from one business to another is what B2B is all about. The “B” in the phrase stands for business so that practically explains it all.

While the market size is growing, researches have forecasted that the revenue for B2B business will overtake the revenue for B2C business. B2C is really business to consumer sites. This is where businessmen put up their goods, services and products on line to target at the general public. A clear example would be the many online fashion stores that are set up to allow customers to browse through the many pages to shop for what they need. The person who makes the transaction is ran individual making purchases for his or herself. The term B2B was coined to differentiate between the many other types of e-commerce sites.

B2B e-commerce usually set up their own company websites to target other company websites and their employees.  Some websites can only be accessed by certain customers or registered site users. The company also directs business from their e-store to target the needs of other business. An example of a B2B e-commerce website would be the many websites that promote their own system plans. The target audience for doing this is the many other businessmen who are looking to open their own business.

Business to Business e-commerce sites can also be brokering sites that function to relay services or products to potential providers. For example, some B2B e-commerce sites provide a full and complete listing of equipment which will definitely come in handy to most online businessmen.

B2B e-commerce sites also stand to supply businessmen with products that they will need to run their business. Wholesalers have their very own e-commerce sites that cater to businessmen around the world. This helps the businessman to get all that he needs from one single website. He also gets to save on time, money and effort. Wholesaler websites often sell their products in bulks and thus offer much lower prices that will definitely be of benefit to the many businessmen who come to their sites. Companies who find a liking to a particular brand will choose to keep coming back when they need a new supply of products.

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