Why E-commerce Business Is Getting Important In Malaysia

Why E-commerce Business Is Getting Important In Malaysia

E-commerce business in Malaysia are now accepted by all generations regardless their status, age and education level. There are a lot of online shops exist throughout the Internet which offers services and products. Compare previous decade, e-commerce business are now well accepted and become popular since the Internet penetration in Malaysia is increasing. Nowadays, Malaysians are more mobile whereby they have Internet access at their fingertips whereby it giving opportunities for them to access the online shops anywhere and everywhere.

E-commerce business in Malaysia are now become trend due to certain reason such as the way of people living their life are now differs compare to decade ago. People nowadays are more hectic since they are compressing their activities in order to make it balance with their working hours. E-commerce business are now become very important in Malaysia as everyone are now needs something that giving them conveniences by just a click. As we can see, even banking are now offers online services to make it align with users’ life. Malaysians are now more confident to do transaction via online since e-commerce site now giving assurance that their websites are safe to use.

E-commerce businesses are also become important in Malaysia as people are now prefer to purchase products and services online. Having a chance to purchase products online are giving a lot more advantages since buyers can have a peek on the product and comparing price just in a single click. Online purchases become a favorable since buyers can do some checking whether the product is available or out of stock without gaining any hassle to them.

E-commerce business not only important to individual, it is also giving opportunities to small medium enterprise to expand their business. Previously, small medium enterprise has a bunch of reasons of not implementing the e-commerce business. However, when the technologies evolve and become more advance, e-commerce business has created a new business model for small medium enterprise. Back in early stage of e-commerce, most of the small medium enterprise owner does not implementing this model since there are a lot of security issues such as credit cards fraud. Even these kinds of cases are still exist today, yet it is not as crucial as before.

Having an e-commerce business are important to SME to make their product well known and to open a wider opportunities for them to grow. It is one of the effective ways to make their products known and become everyone choices. In this new era of globalization, having online shops are giving more benefits instead of having brick and mortar shops. It is also important to have an e-commerce business for the SME company to build a competitive advantage whereby their companies have more values compare to their competitors. This will provide them greater margin in term of revenue and popularity of their products and services.

The existence of online shops and e-commerce business are not meant to oppose the brick and mortar shops, but it more towards making business owner aware that Malaysia are now in the midst of changing to a new trend where everyone is online. As a business owner, they need to change align with the technologies and make use of the technologies itself to make themselves ahead from their competitors.

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